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At Left Bloc we believe a more egalitarian world is possible, but to achieve this we need to educate, agitate and organise.

We know there's a desire for change and we want to support people with the critical thinking and political education tools to achieve that change.

We want to play our part by providing high quality left analysis and political economy education in Ireland through a variety of mediums – news articles, podcasts, videos and events. But we need your help.

You can support us by becoming a Patron for the price of a weekly cup of coffee, by sharing our work and most importantly engaging in this movement towards a truly democratic and egalitarian society.

We will host a number of podcasts including:

• A Worker's Guide to Everything
• The Week at Work
• Nuall Na NÓg
• Offshore
• A news based website.

All proceeds raised through this project will go towards political education and the drive towards our mission statement: "To provide class-based non-sectarian political education which will encourage working-class people to understand the political, economic and social system in which they live. To empower workers and communities to understand and critique this system, organise themselves around an emancipatory vision and ultimately transform the system into a truly democratic and egalitarian model."